Saturday, 23 July 2011


hi assalamualaikum . Firstly , soryy for the late update . yeahh i've been busy lately :( . But , thanks guys ! still following my stories , seriuosly i appreciate it very much . Especially YOU stalker ! HAHA . You guys so fucking awesome :) . ok just stalk , i don't mind at all .
 heeuuuww , well you know what i want to post today right ?  err no? hee k . here 

done watching ? great ! 
you know what , she's my best girl i ever have . ouchh , please don't mess with her . Girls , you know what you're my everything . I really hope that we never break up . I WISH you good healthy , hope fully be happy :) . WISH you success , aminnn . Good luck SPM beb ! WISH you get all that you need . Auww boyfie please ? hikhokhikhok :D . May the video bring you laughter like vampire . auwww . HAHA  . jyeahhh , i so proud of myself because i have three girls that i love so much . Three girls and I have been together gether for 5, 6 years like that laa . lupa sudah, hee alhamdulillah still together until now . You know what , i dont have any bestthebest friends like you guys . auuww , you guys so awesomee !! Thanks for spending your time with me guys . HEE , thanks for everything <3 . Nothing much to say here because i really got to go . i'll update more soon ok . byee ok waitt wanna know our suprise birthday for her ? hihi we all make a short video for her . lets watch it ! wishes for you iswani !! Thanks :)

p/s : hope enjoy and please dont laughing like crazy people just because.. yeaa i know my English so bad like TAIK . But i dont care , i'm still learning what and wanna improve my english..:)


komen jika perlu :)